News entries tagged with "plant care 101"

Crocodile Fern in Lunenburg Ceramic
Thursday July 21, 2022
This advanced care guide will teach you how to care for your Crocodile Fern (aka Alligator Fern or Microsorum Musifolium).
Succulent Plants in Garden Friends Ceramics
Friday June 3, 2022
Are you looking to bring an indoor houseplant outdoors? In this article, we outline some of the best stress-free practices & care tips for transitioning your plants.
Thursday June 2, 2022
With hundreds of unique varieties and many colours, sizes & shapes to choose from, Gerberas have surged in popularity. Read on for more information about how to care for these cheerful blooms!
Mini kalanchoe plants in elephant ceramics
Tuesday May 3, 2022
Bright and cheerful with long-lasting, abundant blooms, Kalanchoes are a favourite for their ability to brighten up any space year-round. Read on for more information about how to care for these succulent plants!
Salix Caprea 'Pendula'
Friday April 1, 2022
Looking for more information on Salix (Weeping Willow)? Dry your tears and read on for more information about this enchanting little tree.
Dragon Fruit Cactus
Monday February 28, 2022
Dragon Fruit: the huggable cactus! Looking for more information about this unique plant? Read on for answers to your most asked questions.