What is Living House®?

Living House is a brand of naturally grown plants designed to help improve your quality of life and make your home a haven of well-being. 

Unlike other brands, Living House is specially designed to meet the needs of today’s informed consumers. Our curated collections feature unique foliage and succulent varieties, and a continuously enhanced selection of stylish, gift-ready decor, including new eco-conscious solutions.

Our plants are thoroughly tested for resilience, longevity and ease of care, and only our best quality plants are selected.

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Sustainable Growing

At Living House, we are proud to grow our plants using environmentally sustainable methods. We care about the world we live in, and therefore are continuously developing business practices and utilizing new technologies that help us reduce/re-use waste and generate renewable energy...Learn More

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging design is essential to our brand and part of our commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. Wherever possible, our packaging is made from recyclable and 100% recycled materials made from post-consumer content saved from landfills.

Choose from our “krafted” looks, made from recycled and recyclable, unbleached paper fibre.... Learn More

Sustainable packaging

Green Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants

At Living House, we are proud to grow plants that enhance your life.  Various scientific research studies (including NASA’s famous Clean Air Study) have proven that not only do living green plants produce oxygen, but certain species like our Dracaena and Chlorophytum can also remove harmful toxins including formaldehyde and xylene from the home environment.  Indoor living plants have even been shown to improve mood and productivity...