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Our Story

Family Owned & Operated, Since 1948

Living House is a unique brand of living plants consisting of rare and exotic offerings, succulents, tropicals and foliage plants, grown and curated by Bayview Flowers. Our company roots were established in 1948 when Clarence van Staalduinen Sr. immigrated from Holland and commenced growing gladiolas for the markets in Toronto, Ontario. In 1952, Clarence moved to Brantford, Ontario where he grew a variety of cut flowers and potted plants. In 1965 and later in 1980, in keeping with the company's growth, additional greenhouses were built in the Brantford area. Clarence Sr. introduced his son's Len, Stuart and Clarence Jr. into the business and with family expertise expanded operations to our current location in Jordan Station, Ontario.

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Your total plant and floral solution

  • We grow potted plants and cut flowers on a weekly basis in our 340,000 ft² facility. An additional 50,000 ft² comprises our distribution centre and processing area. Anything  we don’t grow in-house may be sourced from local growers at the best value for you. 
  • From our Niagara-based distribution centre, we ship regularly to Canada and the North-Eastern United States using temperature-controlled vehicles.
  • We offer a wide selection of quality supplies and upgrades, ranging from decorative containers and pot covers to in-store P.O.P. solutions. 

Sustainable Growing

  • At Living House, we are proud to grow our plants using environmentally sustainable methods. We care about the world we live in, and therefore are continuously developing business practices and utilizing new technologies that help us reduce/re-use waste and generate renewable energy.
Sustainable Growth

Some of our key projects include:

Anaerobic Digestion System

Anaerobic Digestion System

  • An anaerobic digestion system converts organic waste streams into bio-gas, which can be used for fuel. Technological advancements permit these digesters to receive waste streams with higher levels of physical impurities that would normally go into landfills. At the same time, the waste product of this process (digestate) becomes nutrient rich and can then be sold commercially as an organic potting soil or fertilizer. Our greenhouses generate 6500 m3 of nutrient rich fertilizer—enough for about 500 acres.
  • Our digestion system is unique in that it is the first example, which utilizes thermophilic digestion to produce higher levels of bio-gas, while simultaneously pasteurizing the digestate for its safe handling. Our facility is a regulated mixed anaerobic digestion facility operating under OMAFRA rules in the Nutrient Management Regulation.
Biological Pest Control and Recycled Watering System

Biological Pest Controls and Recycled Watering System

  • 95% of our greenhouse irrigation is drawn from natural rain water, which is filtered and recycled back into our watering system.
  • Our pest control is principally managed by biological controls. This means predatory insects are released into the growing environment to eliminate plant destroying insects. Through these natural forms of control, we maintain a high level of plant quality without compromising environmental integrity.
Solar Energy

Solar Energy

  • In 2014, we fully implemented a 250 kilowatt solar energy system by installing 1200 solar panels. Since its installation, the system has generated thousands of kilowatts. As of February, 2016 the energy generated by this system equated to about 300,000,000 batteries or approximately 800,000 km travelled by a car. This project is another way in which we support Green Energy initiatives.

Sustainable Packaging

  • Sustainable packaging design is essential to our brand and part of our commitment to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner. Wherever possible, our packaging is made from recyclable and 100% recycled materials made from post-consumer content saved from landfills.
  • Choose from our “krafted” looks, made from recycled and recyclable, unbleached paper fibre.
Sustainable Packaging
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