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fittonia plant care, nerve plant care, living house plants
Friday August 18, 2023
With its stunning mosaic-like patterned leaves and relatively easy care requirements, the Fittonia is a favorite among both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.
Fertilizer 101, how to fertilize your plants, fertilization, houseplants, houseplants care, living house, living house plants
Friday May 12, 2023
We all know that plants need light and water to survive, but fertilizing is also an important aspect of plant care. Fertilizing plants and houseplants during their growing season will provide them with the essential nutrients that they need to continue growing.
Living House, Living house plants, plant care, propagation, plants, plant propagation, leaf cuttings, plant cloning, plant care
Friday May 12, 2023
Wanting more plants but don’t have the money to spend? Looking for a way to trim your plant back but also use those cuttings to make more plants? The technique of propagation can solve your problems!