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Gerbera and Kalanchoe
Tuesday May 3, 2022
In this article we explore the traditions of Mother’s Day and the meaning of flowers.
Succulents in Easter themed ceramics
Thursday April 7, 2022
Hop into spring! Here are our top five egg-cellent plant picks for Easter.
Salix Caprea 'Pendula'
Friday April 1, 2022
Looking for more information on Salix (Weeping Willow)? Dry your tears and read on for more information about this enchanting little tree.
Lighting Diagram
Tuesday March 29, 2022
Confused about lighting? Not sure how much light your plant needs or where to put it? Read on as we shed some light on the subject.
Dragon Fruit Cactus
Monday February 28, 2022
Dragon Fruit: the huggable cactus! Looking for more information about this unique plant? Read on for answers to your most asked questions.
Living House Website
Sunday January 30, 2022
We know you have opinions—why not get paid for them? Read on to learn more.