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5 Plants to Fall in Love with This Valentine’s Day

Friday January 28, 2022
Plant Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is for lovers… especially plant lovers! Here are our top five picks for the season that are sure to please.


Dragon Fruit—the Huggable Cactus!

These pet-friendly plants are different from other cacti because their spines are soft and flexible to the touch—perfect for high traffic areas where furry friends and tiny hands might get a hold of them. Grown from many seeds in a single pot, our Dragon Fruit cactus makes a unique gift that is low-maintenance and easy on the eyes. With proper care and years to grow, your cactus may in time even bloom and be able to bear fruit! LEARN MORE


Gerbera: Love in Every Colour!

Roses are red, violets are blue, there’s a gerbera in every colour for you, and you and you! Gerbera plants are well-renowned for their large, showy blooms in many colours and textures. Although the blooms last only a few weeks, they can be encouraged to bloom again. Different colours can carry different meanings (eg: white for purity, yellow for friendship, pink for grace or gratitude, and red for love). Overall, they symbolize innocence, cheerfulness, and loyal love. LEARN MORE


Polka Dot Plant (aka: Pink Splash or Hypoestes): Pretty in Pink

Add a splash of colour to any space with the Polka Dot plant! Pink is not just for Wednesdays anymore. These petite plants love to show their bold colours year-round. Their patterned foliage also sometimes causes them to be called “freckle faced plants” or “confetti plants.” Place your plant in bright and indirect light, water often, and prune it weekly to keep it looking perky and fresh. LEARN MORE


Orchids: Love Everlasting

Phalaenopsis orchids are the perfect blend of tradition and exoticism. Unlike cut flowers, these graceful, elegant plants bear multiple blooms per stem that can last for months at a time. With proper care they can even be encouraged to bloom again! In ancient Greece orchids were associated with virility, but today they evoke many desirable qualities such as love, fertility, and joy. LEARN MORE


Succulent Love

Few people desire a gift that is high maintenance. That’s why easy-care succulents are so appealing! Succulent plants like echeveria and haworthia basically thrive on neglect, preferring their soil to almost completely dry out between waterings. Better yet—we grow our succulent heart planters right in our greenhouse, ensuring that they have strong, healthy roots! LEARN MORE


Happy planting!