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Top 5 Most Giftable Plants 2021

Friday May 28, 2021
Succulent Love
Looking for a “greener” gift, but not sure where to start? Have no fear—here is a list of the top 5 most giftable plants recommended by our experts:

For the person that has everything:

1) Dragon Fruit Cactus

This unique plant is a perfect addition to any plant parent’s collection! Our Dragon Fruit cactus is not only low-maintenance, but also has spines that are soft to touch (much safer for little hands). 

Easy-care plants for the person that is always busy, or who is not known as having a “green thumb”:

2) Succulents

Succulents are the perfect starter plant for people looking to start plant care as a hobby, or who just want to add a touch of green to their environment. These petite plants virtually thrive on neglect, preferring have their soil dry out almost completely in between waterings. Put them in a bright, sunny place and water once every 2 to 4 weeks to keep them happy!

3) Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Sometimes called “mother-in-law’s tongue,” snake plants have a reputation for being virtually unkillable. They can tolerate a variety of lighting conditions and can withstand a fair amount of neglect. Originally called “sansevieria,” they actually are included in the dracaena genus. Like other dracaenas, they are also great natural home air-purifiers and have been shown to naturally help filter common household VOC’s like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene & toluene.

4) Peperomias

These compact perennials (sometimes called “radiator plants” because they prefer heat) are distinguished by their rounded or spade-shaped foliage. True to their name they are actually not-so-distantly related to pepper plants,  but are grown for ornamental purposes. 
Since peperomias store moisture in their leaves, they can tolerate a fair bit of neglect and actually prefer for their soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Most species of peperomias, including peperomia obtusifolia, are noted by the ASPCA as being non-toxic to dogs and cats

For the fashion-forward person that knows how to handle a diva:

5) Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

Named for its large, glossy, violin-shaped leaves, the “fiddle leaf” fig is a social media darling! Grown indoors they can reach heights of 10 feet tall, and therefore are perfect for making a bold architectural statement in any space—like a living sculpture! FLF’s are notorious divas and prefer not to be moved. Keep this diva happy by placing it in a warm, sunny place with plenty of bright and indirect sunlight, humidity, and room to grow.