Clusia rosea 'Princess'

Air-Purifying Royalty

A powerful air purifier, the Clusia plant is a great addition to any home! Not only has it been shown to remove VOC's like formaldehyde, it is also one of the few plants capable of absorbing carbon dioxide at night.

Clusia plants are sometimes referred to as the ‘Autograph Tree’ because their leathery leaves are so durable that a name could be carved into them. 

Clusia plants are also very resilient. They can grow into large shrubs in their native habitat, but will remain much more compact when grown indoors.


Not Pet Friendly – Toxic to Pets, if consumed, according to ASPCA
Air Purifier
Bright indirect or moderate sunlight.
Water regularly, keeping soil moist. Prefers high humidity.
16-29ºC (60-85ºF). Keep indoors, except USDA zones 10 to 11.
Not for human consumption.
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