Top 5 Plants for Easter

Thursday April 7, 2022
Succulents in Easter themed ceramics

Hop into spring! Here are our top five egg-cellent plant picks for Easter.


Majesty Palms

Add a regal touch to any space with majesty palms! This slow-growing palm, native to Madagascar, adds pizzazz to any patio, and helps purify indoor air. During the summer, this palm may be grown outside in indirect light or light shade. During cooler months it should be kept indoors, in a bright place with high humidity, or misted regularly to keep its foliage looking fresh. LEARN MORE

Peace Lilies

This low maintenance and easy to grow perennial plant makes a great addition to indoor spaces! Its air purifying abilities make it highly sought after, and it can tolerate medium and low light conditions. Not actually a lily at all, it produces elegant, long-lasting “blooms” (called spathes) up to twice per year, that can last for several months. Peace lilies may be grown outside during the summer, but must be over-wintered indoors. LEARN MORE

Nanouk Plant

The elegant and resilient Nanouk plant has become a social media darling because of its attractive, variegated leaves with violet hues. Regular pruning will help it maintain its compact appearance, but you may also choose to let its stems grow long if you prefer a trailing habit or wish to keep it in a hanging planter. LEARN MORE


No dye needed! Kalanchoe plants naturally bloom in a variety of bright and cheerful colours. These succulent plants are low maintenance and make great table décor. After the blooms fade they can be removed, which will encourage this plant to bloom over and over again! LEARN MORE


Easy-care succulents make an egg-cellent gift! Succulent plants like echeveria and haworthia basically thrive on neglect, preferring their soil to almost completely dry out between waterings. LEARN MORE

Happy planting