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Salix Caprea

Salix Caprea 'Pendula'

Tree of Enchantment

The graceful weeping pussy willow is sometimes known as the tree of enchantment. It is connected with all that is feminine-dreaming, intuition, emotion, enchantment, healing and revitalization. The willow has long since been recognized as a sacred tree by poets, philosophers and religious leaders because of the flexibility of its twigs.

The willow’s flexibility symbolizes resilience and inspires us to move with life rather than resist what we are feeling. 

Legend has it that willow is bestowed with magical power capable of fulfilling wishes. For a wish to be granted, ask permission of the willow explaining your desire. 
Select a pliable shoot and tie a knot in it expressing your wish. When your wish is fulfilled, return and untie the knot. Remember to thank the willow for your gift.


Salix Caprea
Bright light.
Water well.
-20-25ºC (-4-77ºF). Cold hardy and can be grown outdoors in USDA zones 4-9.
Not for human consumption.

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