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Rubber Tree Plant

Ficus elastica

The Plant that Bounces Back

This low maintenance and easy to grow perennial house plant makes a great addition to indoor spaces! Its air purifying abilities and attractive, glossy leaves that can range in colour make it highly sought after. Keep this plant in a static location with bright and indirect light and plenty of room to grow. 

Air Purifier
Rubber Tree Plant
Bright and indirect light.
Water when the top half of the soil feels dry.
15-24ºC (60-75ºF).
Not for human consumption. Sap may cause skin irritation.
Rubber tree plants when well cared for can grow up to 8 to 10 ft tall, and therefore need plenty of room to grow. 
Common Problems
Rubber tree plants do not like to be moved around and should be kept in a static location. Moving the plant causes stress, which can result in leaf drop.
Plant Health
The sap inside of rubber tree plants may cause skin irritation. Wash skin thoroughly with water.

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