Red Twist Peperomia

Peperomia verticillata

Sophistication, with a twist!

Spice up your space with this unique Peperomia hybrid. Also known as “Red Log,” this hardy perennial originating from Bolivia loves the sun. Easy to care for and with strong stems, its two-toned beauty is worth a second look!

Pet Friendly
Air Purifier
Red Twist Peperomia
Bright light.
Allow top of soil to dry between waterings.
12-25ºC (54-77ºF). Keep indoors, except USDA zones 10 to 11.
Not for human consumption.
Soil and Repotting
Repot annually using a well-draining, loamy soil mix with medium moisture retention.
Pruning and Shaping
Regular pinching/pruning above the top node will help maintain a compact appearance.
Care Ideas
Rotating your plant regularly (at least weekly) will help maintain an even appearance, as stems bend toward the light source.
Plant Health
Overwatering is the #1 peperomia killer. Like other peperomias, the Red Twist likes to hold moisture in its leaves, which makes it semi-drought tolerant. If the plant is overwatered it can rupture the cell walls of the leaves or cause root rot. A sign that a plant has been overwatered is leaves that are turning black and dropping. When in doubt, it’s better to underwater than overwater.
Special Features
Red Twist Peperomia are distinguished by their unique, bicolour leaves that are emerald green on top and bright crimson underneath.
Plant Maintenance

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