Fittonia albivenis

Mosaic Plant / Nerve Plant

The Fittonia plant goes by several names. It is often called the "Nerve Plant" or the "Mosaic Plant" due to the distinct white, pink, or red veins that permeate its leaves. The leaves can range in colour from almost white, to dark green, to light green, to red, and a blend of colours in-between. The leaves also vary in shape and texture, with some having a more ruffled or fluffy appearance. Fittonia plants are great for adding a splash of colour or texture to any home or office and are perfect for small spaces due to their compact size and growth habit.

Fittonia plants love humidity and prefer that their soil be kept slightly moist. They are fairly resilient and have a habit of quickly bouncing back. If you see your plant's leaves start to droop, a drink of water will often help it spring back to life with a few hours.

Pet Friendly
Air Purifier
Bright and indirect light.
Water often and regularly. Keep soil moist, but not saturated.
18-26ºC (65-80ºF).
Not for human consumption.
Soil and Repotting
Repot annually.
Plant Health
Without water for a few days, this plant is known to "faint" but can easily be revived with a quick watering. 

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