Ficus Bonsai

Ficus Retusa

Beginner Bonsai

Native to southeast Asia, the Ficus Bonsai is also known as the Ginseng Ficus, Banyan Fig, and Laurel Fig. It has an attractive appearance with glossy leaves and thick trunk with bulbous roots that stay exposed above the surface of the ground. As a bonsai, it appears like a small tree with legs.

It is relatively easy to care for, making a great gift or creative project for someone looking to begin in the art of bonsai.


Not Pet Friendly – Toxic to Pets, if consumed, according to ASPCA
Ficus Bonsai
Bright and indirect light.
Water when top of soil feels dry.
18-24ºC (65-75ºF).
Not for human consumption.
Pruning and Shaping
Prune regularly to keep your ficus as a bonsai and maintain its compact appearance. You can trim and shape the tree to your own aesthetic. In the art of bonsai, the general rule is remove two to three leaves for every six new leaves that grow, always leaving at least two three leaves on each branch.
Mist regularly with distilled water when humidity is low.

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