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Fabian Aralia

Polyscias Scutellaria

Tranquil Foliage

These decorative plants, native to the Southwest Pacific Islands and Polynesia, help bring tranquility to the home.

Fabian Aralia are prized for their sturdy trunks, and large glossy round leaves with a purple tinge underneath that sometimes give them the nickname “Dinner Plate Aralia.” They are from the Polyscias family, which translated from Greek as “many” and “shade”—referring to their bountiful foliage.

Like other aralias, Fabian has a compact, upward growth. It prefers moderate to high humidity levels, which makes it a good addition to high humidity areas like a kitchen or bathroom.


Fabian Aralia
Bright and indirect light.
Water when top inch of soil is dry.
18-29ºC (65-85ºF).
Not for human consumption.

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