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Balfour Aralia

Polyscias Balfouriana

Scalloped Leaves

Balfour Aralia (aka Aralia Balfouriana) is distinguished by its elegant, scalloped-shaped leaves, that may be solid green or variegated. Like other Aralias, it is also colloquially known as the “dinner plate plant” due to the large size of its leaves.

Balfour aralia is a compact, perennial shrub that can be pruned regularly and maintained as a bonsai indoors.

Like other aralias, Balfour Aralia has a compact, upward growth habit. It prefers moderate to high humidity levels, which makes it a good addition to high humidity areas like a kitchen or bathroom.

Balfour Aralia
Bright and indirect light.
Water when at least the top inch to the top half of soil has dried.
18-29ºC (65-85ºF).
Not for human consumption.

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