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String of Bananas 'Purple Flush'

Senecio herreianus 'Purple Flush'

Purple Flush

String of Bananas ‘Purple Flush’ is a perennial succulent with bright purple stems and banana shaped leaves. These trailing plants make a great addition to hanging baskets or bowls, as their stems can grow up to 30cm (1ft) in length. Keep this plant in bright light to maintain its purple hues, and be sure to let the soil dry out between waterings.


String of Bananas 'Purple Flush'
Bright light.
Let soil dry out between waterings.
18-26ºC (65-80ºF).
Not for human consumption.
Advanced Watering
Water thoroughly and let excess water drain away completely. Water again only when the soil has completely dried out.
Soil and Repotting
Well-draining soil mix, suitable for succulents and cacti.
Propagated by stem cuttings.
Plant Maintenance

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