Waterless Amaryllis


No water required!

Amaryllis naturally store all the water and energy they need in the base of the plant therefore do not require water. Simply place your Waterless Amaryllis in full or partial sun in your home and enjoy!

Not Pet Friendly – Toxic to Pets, if consumed, according to ASPCA
Waterless Amaryllis
Bright and indirect light.
No water required.
18-24ºC (65-75ºF)
Not for human consumption.
Amaryllis bulbs are considrered “waterless” because they will bloom for the season without water (because the bulb contains the nutrients needed to bloom). However, if you would like to save your bulb for future years, then you will have to plant and water it like any other plant. This can be a complex process with mixed success. To get your Amaryllis to rebloom, when the last flower fades, take care and cut the stalk near the top of the bulb. Make sure you leave the leaves on the bulb and try not to damage them while cutting the flower stalks. Once the flowers are gone, the amaryllis goes into a growth phase, where it begins to store energy for next year’s bloom. While it can be difficult to give the plant enough sunlight in the winter months, move it to the sunniest location you can, or get a good plant light. Give the plant plenty of water and fertilizer during this time. Ensuring that there is enough sunlight, water, and fertilizer during this period is key to make an amaryllis flower rebloom.  As soon as the last frost of the year is finished in the spring, you can move the plant outside to a sunny location and water daily. Although some of the leaves may die in this transition, don’t worry, new ones will regrow. Since most people want to make their amaryllis bloom during the holidays, typically you should bring the plant back indoors by the middle of August. Once you bring the plant inside, put it in a cool location, 50 to 60 degrees F. (10-16 C.), and stop watering the amaryllis. Once the leaves die, move it to a dark spot for its rest period. If you like, you can remove the bulb from the soil before you store it for its resting period. Watch your bulb, and when you see the tip of the new flower stalk, it’s time to prepare for the reblooming amaryllis. Move the bulb to a warmer location for three weeks. This encourages the leaves and stalk to develop simultaneously. Repot the bulb in fresh soil (but not too deep) and place it in a sunny location.
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