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Live Healthy

  • Live Healthy with our special selection of scientifically proven, air-purifying and healing plants.
  • Various scientific research studies (including NASA’s famous Clean Air Study) have proven that not only do living green plants produce oxygen, but certain species like our Dracaena and Chlorophytum act as natural air purifiers that can also remove harmful toxins including formaldehyde and xylene from the home environment.
  • In addition to their ability to remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air, our Aloe Vera plants also contain a healing gel within their succulent leaves. This gel may be applied topically to help heal cuts and burns.
Living House - Live Healthy
Place in light shade (hot climates) to full sun (mild climates).
Water frequently. Keep soil moist. Ensure your pot has proper drainage, to avoid over-saturating the roots. Use distilled or non-fluoride water to help prevent the leaf tips from burning.
21-26ºC (70-80ºF). Keep indoors.
Not for human consumption.

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